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Project Summary

  • Assessment: Coordinated with land surveyors to collect correct documentation and verify existing land met all necessary legal requirements.
  • From Vision to Reality: Once all documentation was verified, JR met directly with homeowner to discuss the creative vision for design, drafted discussed concepts of the floorplan and finally completed the design as envisioned by the client.
  • Variance and Client Representation: The owner was permitted a fixed amount of square footage based on the typical approval for the size of the land as designated by the city. However, the homeowner desired that a larger amount of square footage be built, in which case JR represented the client at the city to negotiate for a greater amount of buildable square footage which was successfully approved.
  • Pre-Construction: After approval, JR acted as a permit coordinator on behalf of the client in order to submit and obtain the necessary building permits to commence construction.
  • Construction: Upon commencement of construction, JR continued to work with the homeowner to select the interior finishes, assist with construction management and provided guidance in dealing with contractors and building inspectors.


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