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Project Summary



  • Original structure: consisted of a one story detached bungalow as shown in the before photos.
  • Traditional to Modern Design Renovation: Client contacted JR to get an understanding of what zoning By-Laws would permit for new renovation while maintaining existing structure. The client wanted a complete rebuild with a 2nd and 3rd story above the existing house as well as an additional 4 story rear addition. The interior was completely gutted and redesigned.
  • Assessment: JR appointed an engineer to examine the existing structure of the house in order to ensure it was capable of handling the weight of multiple additions at the front and rear.
  • 1st Phase of Design Process: JR designed the floor plan and the elevation customized to the exact specifications the client desired.
  • City Approval: Once the design was approved by the homeowner, JR submitted the drawings and represented the client at the City of Toronto, committee of adjustments for final approval .
  • 2nd Phase of Design Process Post City Approval: After approval from the city, JR acted as a permit coordinator, interacting with all the necessary consultants to submit and obtain all necessary building permits to commence construction.  
  • Construction Consultation Support: Upon commencement of construction, JR continued to work with the client to select the interior finishes, assist with construction related questions and provide guidance as well as support in dealing with contractors and building inspectors.
  • Timeline: Planning to commencement, including Committee of Adjustment application approval took 4 months while construction was complete 8 months after approval.


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